Your unique promo code should be visible not only on your web site – on the home page and any schedule pages – but also on any league, association or tournament sites that call your venue home.

The more subscribers who sign up with your unique Promo Code, the more dollars you earn. Successful marketing translates into a strong and loyal subscriber base.

We suggest placing your Promo Code near the top, so users do not have to scroll to see that you are a LiveBarn venue!  You can use any of the marketing or social media pieces we have provided you to display our logo and your Promo Code!

Take a minute now to make sure that your unique Promo Code is displayed in all the right places!

Need new or updated promo materials?
Email LiveBarn Marketing ( or your Venue Relations contact (tom@livebarn or nino@livebarn) and let us know! We can review your web site and custom size pieces to meet your requirements! We can also order you additional venue lobby banners or venue flyers!

We’ve been adding venues to our network… click on the image below to visit our Venue Map and check out who is Live and Coming Soon!